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SSRC - Silver Spring Run Club

About our Running Club:

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We had been regular participants in weekly fun runs in downtown Silver Spring sponsored by CitySports (on Saturdays) and Pacers Running Store (on Wednesdays). After the closure of these stores, we decided to keep the spirit of the weekly runs going and we founded the Silver Spring Run Club (SSRC) in the fall of 2015.

As an informal running club, we have decided not to charge participants dues.  We have no pacers and we host no races. We do, however, hope to offer an open and inviting opportunity for walkers, joggers, and runners to bond while working together for the sake of training, fitness, and camaraderie.

SSRC is a representation of the diverse communities and experiences of our runners. To that end, we welcome and support people of all races, ethnicities, religions, colors, genders, gender identities and expressions, abilities, and ages.

We welcome you to join us as we explore the neighborhoods, trails, and parks around Silver Spring, Long Branch, and Takoma Park.  Though based in Montgomery County, our proximity to D.C. also allows us to enjoy Takoma, Brightwood, and Rock Creek Park.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are you still active?
* We've resumed our runs at this time. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and recommendations.
How do I sign up?
There is no need to sign up, just show up to one of our runs.
Where do you meet?
On Saturdays, across the street from Kaldi's Social House.
On Wednesdays, Acorn Urban Park (near Denizen's Brewing Co.).

We understand that coffee/tea and beer isn't for everyone, but if you have time, please stick around after the run to socialize. We'd love to get to know you!
But where do you meet? How can I find the group?
Just look for the group dressed to go running.
Is there parking nearby?
Yes, there are multiple public parking garages near each location (such as Fenton Street Village Garage 4 near Kaldi's and the Kenneth Street Garage near Denizen's).
I'm confused, do you meet at 9:00am or 10:00am on Saturdays?
We meet at 10:00am Labor Day through Memorial Day (i.e., not summer).
We meet at 9:00am Memorial Day through Labor Day (i.e., summer).
How far do you run?
On Saturdays we offer 3, 5, and 7 mile route options (and longer routes at times if we're feeling spicy).
On Wednesdays we offer 3 and 5 mile route options (we never feel spicy on Wednesdays).
I've never tried running 3 miles, can I still join you?
Sure, though we encourage you to feel comfortable jogging at least 3 miles.

There are many training programs out there aimed at getting you to a 5K (3 mile) distance (e.g., "Couch to 5K"). You can also run/jog/walk part of the 3 mile route and meet up with us afterwards to socialize.
I'm slow, can I still join you?
Yes, we welcome people of all paces.
Are they the same routes every week?
Do you provide maps?
Where do the routes start/finish?
All routes start and end at their designated meet-up location (i.e., Kaldi's or Denizens).
How fast are your pacers?
We do not have pacers. We encourage people who join us to run at their own comfort levels.
How many people show up to your runs?
It varies depending on the time of year, temperature, weather, etc. At times we've had as few as 5 people or over 30. We typically have between 7 and 15 people show up.
Speaking of the weather, do you run when it's [blank] outside?
Probably! We run when it's hot, cold, humid, rainy, snowy, etc.
We do exercise caution, however, and will cancel runs when there is risk of lightning, torrential downpours, flood warnings, blizzards, global pandemics, etc.
I forgot, are you still active?
Yes, we are still active. Come see for yourself.